Jungle Cat Cacao is a bean-to-bar chocolate company located at 4803 Wrightsville Ave in Wilmington, NC. We specialize in Belizean cacao which creates a uniquely tropical tasting chocolate – with many being surprised at the lack of bitterness and the fruity almost ‘grape’ or ‘raspberry’ like taste.

The Jungle Cat Cacao Cafe is now open and serving bean-to-bar chocolate along side organic Costa Rican coffee which we espresso roast in-house.  All beverages are made with filtered water brought in from Holly Ridge (no GenX).  Please come, order at the sliding glass door and enjoy a seat outside.  We offer wifi and even have a restroom!
Please look for the “Jagu-Bar” in Lowe’s Foods and Publix grocery stores in Coastal North Carolina.  In the Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and Durham area please look for them in Weaver Street Market stores and The Durham Co-op.

Menu Sign at Jungle Cat Cacao's Wrightsville Ave Location
Menu Sign at Jungle Cat Cacao’s Wrightsville Ave Location

Our first product offering is the “Jagu-Bar” – a 63% cacao (formerly 60%) dark chocolate bar made right here at our shop in Wilmington directly from the imported Belizean cacao beans. The chocolate is all single-origin: we press cocoa butter from the same beans that we make our chocolate from. The second and final ingredient to the chocolate we make is unrefined cane sugar.

The owner and chocolate maker in charge of operations at Jungle Cat Cacao is Joe Taylor. Joe has been making chocolate for about five years and opened up shop in April of 2021.

…and in Belize

Check out more about how we farm in our secluded piece of jungle on the Moho River. Click here.

Jungle Cat Cacao is working to bring school books to the Toledo District. Read more here.

Jungle Cat Cacao has a cacao farm in Belize where we have cacao growing under old growth tropical rain-forest. There are jaguar living on the property where we have our farm, and we would like to raise awareness to the plight of the jaguar of which there are only about 15,000 remaining in the wild. By choosing to protect our piece of the jungle and grow cacao in a sustainable and organic fashion, we are trying to do our part for the environment.
Our trees will not produce a harvest for several more years and in the meantime we are sourcing our cacao from Finca Chocolat in the Toledo district of Belize.


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