Pecan Chocolate Rounds – Bag of 8, 3.2oz

Cacao Nibs Rounds – Bag of 8, 3.2oz

Espresso Bark – 2.7oz

Belizean Ceremonial Cacao

12 Individually Wrapped Blocks of Ceremonial Cacao that Dissolve in Your Mug – Perfect For Sipping Mindfully

Belizean Cacao Nibs, 8oz

Cacao Nibs – 8oz

Visit Us in Wilmington, NC

We have a humble little facility but would be glad to meet you and talk about cacao, Belize, and our chocolate and coffee products. Serving hot and cold cacao and coffee drinks and artisan chocolate 10-4, Mon-Sat.
4803 Wrightsville Ave (right behind Coastal Glass Tinting)

Stay and Shop – We Have Unique Products

From Belizean Cocoa Butter Lip Balm to Costa Rican Fire Roasted Coffee

  • Cacao Tree - Jungle Cat Cacao Farm
  • Samuel and Jose Bo, Moho River, Belize
  • Seedlings on Truck
  • Jaguar Print on the Path to the Cacao Field
  • First Load of Seedlings Ready to Go Downriver
Serving Cacao & Coffee Beverages, Bean to Bar Chocolate

Jungle Cat Cacao

Jungle Cat Cacao makes small-batch, artisan chocolate from Belizean cacao.  We are a single-origin chocolatier.  All of the cocoa butter used in our recipes comes from the same beans we roast to make our chocolate.  We source 100% of our cacao from the Toledo District of Belize.  Our cacao is grown sustainably and naturally and is tended by Belizean workers earning a living wage. To read more about us both here in Wilmington, NC and Belize please click the button.

Imported Tropical Hardwood

We are carefully choosing some windfall and standing dry lumber to cut for handmade furniture.

Cacao Tea and Powdered Cacao

These cacao beverages are terrific hot or iced and have excellent health properties.

Belizean Cocoa Butter

Offerring lip balm and cocoa butter by the ounce for skin care and recipes. Make your own Ceremonial Cacao!

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