Belizean Ceremonial Cacao – 12 Pack


Individually wrapper ceremonial cacao blocks, ready to add to a mug or tea cup and add hot water to desired thickness.  Dissolves in under 2 minutes.

12 individually wrapped (.7oz – one serving) ceremonial cacao blocks. This is a single origin 100% Belizean cacao product. There is no tempering of this cacao, it isn’t chocolate in this sense, it is a dense and extremely rich block of unfiltered cocoa butter and cacao. Directions to serve: place one block in a regular sized mug and add up to 8oz of very hot water. Water from a tea kettle is perfect. Gently stir and within 2 minutes the block will entirely dissolve. Enjoy with or without sweetener as you wish.
A few notes about the qualities of this Belizean cacao. This ceremonial cacao is brought to you by a small farm to bar cacao company: Jungle Cat Cacao. The individuals responsible for raising, cultivating, and trucking this cacao to the Port of Belize in Belize City are all, without exception, of direct Mayan decent. The languages of Mopan and Qʼeqchiʼ are alive and spoken in their households, in the village of Santa Ana. No excessive ocean or over-the-road shipping has been a part of this cacao’s journey to your home. The majestic jaguar lives in the jungle where the cacao is grown on the Jungle Cat Cacao farm, and we often see their prints in the mud near our crops. We raise our crops using agroforestry and preserve the 190 acres of jungle under our care. We ship down used textbooks to donate to the schools in the villages near our farm.
You will not find a finer tasting sipping chocolate. Cacao from Belize is unmatched in it’s taste profile including notes of grape, raisin and raspberry.
If you intend to make this a part of a mindful meditative experience, you will be transported directly to Belize, the beautiful unspoiled jungles near the Maya Mountains, with howler monkey and jaguar in the bush, as they say.
As lifelong practitioners of Yoga and Qi Gong we whole-heartedly believe that you can enjoy and be awakened by this ceremonial cacao like no other.

Weight 9.6 oz
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 2 in


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