2.5 lbs Belizean Cacao Beans, Whole, Raw


Two and a half pound bag of sustainably grown cacao imported from Finca Chocolat in the Toledo district in Belize.

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Raw cacao beans just arrived (12/2022) in the US from Belize. 

Belizean cacao brought into the US by Jungle Cat Cacao and sold directly to you.  This cacao is the finest Belizean cacao from the largest cacao farm in the Toledo district of Belize, Finca Chocolat.  The dark cherry and other exotic fruit flavors really shine through in this cacao making for a deep chocolate flavor experience.  Similar quality cacao is being sold at nearly twice the cost on Ebay and elsewhere.  You might wonder how we can sell it at such a savings to the consumer.  The reason is that Jungle Cat Cacao in North Carolina has a sister company – Cacao & Cargo Ltd in Belize.  We are hands on in the selection and shipping of our cacao from start to finish which keeps our prices so low.

This cacao has been raised sustainably and is a 100% natural product. 

A brief description from the Finca Chocolat website:

“Today Belize is known for its unique strains of Trinitario.  These different strains, along with the soils and the climate come together to create a very special balance of flavor with light acidity and a touch of tannins to produce truly fine chocolate.

Our mother plants and the seed they produced were chosen for the health, vigor and the full pods they offered without the need of pesticides or sprays to control the diseases plaguing much of the cacao producing world.  We also naturally help control these diseases by growing our trees in higher light and with good air circulation. This is made possible with our high rainfall and fertile soils.”

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