Belizean Tropical Hardwood Chair – Handmade


Folding Belizean Chair: Handmade in Santa Ana Village, Toledo District, Belize.

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These chairs are made by hand from carefully selected tropical hardwood trees which are sustainably harvested from the Jungle Cat Cacao 189 acres.

The overarching goal of the management of the Jungle Cat Cacao acreage on the south bank of the Moho River is to preserve habitat for the endangered species which live in the tropical rain forest there.  We currently have 6 acres of land under cultivation where we are growing cacao.  Our cacao is shaded by old growth trees – all of them beautiful hardwoods.  Trees have a lifespan and when we see a tree that is drying out and in danger of falling  – either in the cacao field or elsewhere on our 189 acres – we may decide to cut in and use it for buildings, walkways, or to make lovely furniture like this chair.

The sawyer and carpenter is Samuel Bo, of Santa Ana village.  Purchasing this chair and other products from Jungle Cat Cacao helps bring needed work and therefore inflow into the economy of  this small part of Belize.



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