The Jungle Cat Cacao Farm is in the south of Belize, near the border with Guatemala, and just a short boat ride downriver to the Caribbean Sea. We are a young operation and have planted six acres of cacao to date, however we have plans to add more as we feel the time is right for planting. Unlike big cacao farms we did not slash and burn the jungle. We love the sound of the howler monkeys in the trees and our evening bird-songs too much. The jaguar loves our watery lowlands and we don’t want to press him too deep into the forest since we think he might like to come to the river now and then.

We have kept all the old hardwoods and thinned out the dry and dead trees as well as small softwoods. There we planted our first six acres – approximately 1,600 cacao seedlings. These seedlings were nurtured by hand in accordance with organic practices. The seeds are White Criollo and are non GMO – of course. We have recently (2022) replanted the six acres with forestario where needed. The work is done by Belizeans from Santa Ana Village, in accordance with their traditional practices. The carbon footprint here at Jungle Cat is minimal. We do not use power tools except for one saw to help with cutting logs and boards.

Organic Farming and Agroforestry in accordance with Mayan traditions. That is the way we operate at the Jungle Cat Farm.

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