Jagu-Bar 60% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar 1 oz. Box of Twenty


The Jagu-Bar is a 1 oz. dark chocolate bar with only two ingredients: Belizean cacao and unrefined cane sugar.  This is a single origin chocolate bar: the cocoa butter for the recipe is pressed from the same beans as those which are roasted and made into chocolate.  There is a “grape” or “raspberry” fruit taste to this cacao which comes from the heart of a neo-tropical rainforest in Belize.  The serving size is moderate, just enough to satisfy and perhaps want another.

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The Jagu-bar is a 60% cacao chocolate bar made from Belizean cacao.  There is a fruity quality to the taste.  The chocolate is refined for about 72 hours which gives this bar a satisfyingly smooth texture.  Net weight is 1 oz.

This is a box of 20 1 oz. Jagu-Bar 60% Cacao chocolate bars.



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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 in


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