Belizean Cacao Tea 4 oz.


Cacao Tea 4 oz shipped in a paper tea bag with a liner which protects and preserves the tea.

Cacao Tea is a superfood:

1. Rich in nutrients
As a cacao bean by-product, the husks contain similar nutrients to the beans, such as B vitamins, vitamin A, iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium.

2. Great for diabetics
Cacao husk tea contains no sugar or additives, and will not affect blood sugar levels.

3. Packed with antioxidants
Cacao husk tea is full of antioxidants, which are thought to reduce damage caused by free radicals and inflammation.

4. It can boost your mood
Cacao husk tea contains theobromine, which is a naturally occurring compound found in cacao plants and tea leaves. It’s a slow release stimulant that provides a gentle pick-me-up without the harsh crash you get from caffeine

5. Low in calories
As cacao husk tea is free from sugar, gluten and additives, it’s naturally low in calories.


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4 oz of cocoa tea made from the hulls of Belizean cacao.  Serve with a press pot or a strainer.  Healthy low/no caffeine alternative to coffee.  Cacao tea is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids…and it’s delicious.

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