Pre-Order Belizean Folding Chair (Deposit Required)


In order to ship the folding chairs from Belize, Jungle Cat Cacao is asking for a $40 non-refundable* deposit which will be deducted from the total cost of $125 when shipment is completed to North Carolina and the chair is ready for purchase.  This deposit puts your order in the que for the next shipment into the US (within 6 months of the deposit being made).

*Due to logistics (fuel costs in Belize, shipping and US freight costs), we require a minimum order of at least 40 chairs, to make the process of exporting the chairs into the US affordable.  In the event that the minimum order quantity is not reached within 6 months of your deposit being made, Jungle Cat Cacao will either refund your $40 or cover the balance of the order ourselves.

Out of stock

A deposit of $40 towards the total cost of $125 for one Belizean tropical hardwood folding chair.

The chair will be delivered to Wilmington, NC.


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