With the purchase of unspoiled jungle property on the south bank of the Moho River, reachable only by boat, the Jungle Cat Cacao Farm was born. Since that time work on the property has steadily increased. Some of the work performed to date includes digging a fresh-water well, building traditional Mayan structures, carving a traditional Mayan boat, and planting the first five acres of cacao, as well as building a composting latrine on site. This work has been almost solely performed by Belizeans of Mayan decent, and has been done in accordance with their traditions and practices. This relationship began in the summer of 2016 when owner Joe Taylor went to Belize and worked as a volunteer at The Cotton Tree Lodge. While at the Cotton Tree Joe worked under the guidance of Mr Jose Bo. Mr Bo has since that time been foreman and acting manager of the Jungle Cat Cacao Farm.

In small economies like that of rural Belize, any project which causes money to come into the country and stay there is welcome. For a fact, foreign investors usually come to Belize to make a fast dollar and go away leaving a trail of bad deals and broken promises behind them. Joe Taylor on the other hand, has been steadily developing trusting working relationships and building a positive presence in Belize. “Little by little” as he and Mr Bo agree. The Jungle Cat Farm is just getting started and we look forward to deepening these relationships and bringing more jobs to the area as time goes by.

In a move to further develop a presence in Belize, Joe Taylor has also started a small hauling and shipping company in the Toledo District. Find out more by going to the Cacao & Cargo website, here.

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